Greetings! I’m Todd.

I am a Gen-Xer residing in Tampa Bay, Florida and am happily married with seven (7) children.

In the kitchen

For the past decade, or so, I have been going through a personal transition. I would classify it as an incremental awakening, that has included a number of epiphanies along the way.

However, my recent conversion to veganism invoked an immediate jump in consciousness as it served as a catalyst igniting an awareness of self to which I have never incurred.

Embarking on a vegan lifestyle motivated me to start liquidcarrot.com and highly encourage anyone who hasn’t thought much about what veganism involves to take the time to check it out!

As far as this site goes, I wanted a medium for documenting my personal insights on ideas and concepts in which I explore. I know this site will this provide me with an incentive to focus my intentions. In addition, I hope that it inspires you to work on your own personal growth.

If this site serves you in a positive way, please feel free to let me know. I would love to hear from you!