Large Family Enjoying Full-time RV Living

Baker family full-time RV living

My family has officially embarked on full-time RV living!

Just over a month ago, a day before my 48th birthday, we purchased a brand new travel trailer. My wife (Tricia), our six youngest kids, and I are residing in our new RV and we are truly loving it!

Tricia and I have been dreaming of doing this for well over five years and are so excited about the possibilities that we are now afforded.

By the end of the year, we hope to be in a position to hit the road perpetually. Going where ever we may without worry or constraint. We really want to see all that our beautiful country has to offer and enjoying the family time with the children along the way.

RV living and kid activities go well together

As I sit here to scribe this post, we are in Gettysburg, PA at the Drummerboy Camping Resort for the week. We are here because my daughter is a Southeast Regional Representative at the USIR in Scottish Highland Dancing. In addition to my oldest daughter, Rhiannon, my son Trent also dances competitively.

Over the years, we have traveled substantially for dance and now with the RV we are able to enjoy this aspect of it so much more. Many of the Scottish Festivals have accommodations for RVs and we really enjoy taking advantage of it when we can.

Now that we have the RV, I can see us eventually expanding our dance horizons. Not only could we attend competitions that were once too far from home, but also increase the number of competitions we attend.

Perfect profession for full-time RV living

When the weekend is over, we will be hooking up and heading back to Florida. My current job still requires me to be in the office most of the time. Therefore, we will have to continue staying in the Clearwater area primarily until I am able to negotiate a position where I can work from any location.

Fortunately, being a developer is great for being able to work in place. So, there is no reason why in time this will not be a reality.

In addition to working a full-time job as a programmer, Tricia and I are pursuing other sources of income. The intent is to establish financial freedom and independence. The potential of these prospects is very exciting and I am certain will be the subject for content of this blog in the future.

Tag along on our full-time RV living journey

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