New Web Host Build — VPS for Web and Email Server

New Web Host Build — VPS for Web and Email Server

This week I initiated a new web host build of a server to support all of my websites.

The new server setup includes a Linode 4096 VPS running Virtualmin and Webmin. This allows me to control my own DNS, Web, and Email servers. Evolution in technology services in recent years has finally made it economical to have SSL protected websites. This is especially true if you are capable of managing your own VPS infrastructure.

New web host build motivation

Recently I have been focusing my business interests in internet marketing. In light of this I am working on a number of website projects and a new business with my wife (Tricia).

I have some more hardening of the security yet to accomplish, but was able to deploy two new fresh WordPress installs for and

The first is a new blog on building financial independence. The second is the website for a health and wellness business that Tricia and I have just started.

I am very excited about both of these prospects and am eager to get them both off the ground and running.

In addition to these two new websites, I have a number of other active websites to migrate to this new web host build. This website will be included in the migration as well. This will help save me some money as I will no longer need the various hosting services currently being used. In addition to the money saving benefit, the new web host build is significantly faster and much more robust. I will now have complete control over server configuration and more implementation options.

Ultimately, Tricia and I are motivated to fulfill the premise of the website mentioned above — to live financially independent. As mentioned in my previous post, our goal of traveling the countryside and living in our RV full-time requires a source of income to support the lifestyle and this is our answer.

Now fully committed to taking action

Ironically, I have been dabbling in internet marketing for over a decade. Sadly, I wasted ten years before taking real action.

Yes… I wish I would have started sooner. But better late than never! I am not one to dwell on what could have been, and I will never live in regret.

The important thing is that I am taking action now and making today better than yesterday!

My new web host build is a direct result of taking action. It will be the infrastructure to continue my marketing pursuits in areas in which I am passionate. I have a number of business actions planned and this new server will initially support the resulting websites.

Hope that you check out my other sites

As these other websites progress I definitely hope that you will take the time to check them out. I will be sure to link and discuss them more in detail here when pertinent.

As always, if you have something to say please don’t hesitate to contact me here or on any of my other websites.

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